SMS Static Mixing Spool

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SMP Static Mixing Plate

Product Description

Creating a homogenous flow in liquids and gasses, the patented SMP Static Mixing Plate ensures accurate flow measurement and mixing for a variety of purposes and materials including natural gas and crude oil and refined fuels. It is particularly well suited for sampling, blending, additive injection, and homogenizing building materials, adhesives, gasses, foods, fire fighting foam, etc.

The uniquely simple, patented design requires no outside energy source, utilizing the natural flow within the pipe instead and achieving turbulent flow at a much lower Reynolds number than other conventional static mixers. The Static Mixing Plate divides that flow into two counter-rotating streams. These vortices rotate until the energy added to the flow is totally dissipated, thereby creating a homogenous flow over a short distance with minimal pressure drop.

When mixing heavier fluids that stratify in a horizontal pipeline, the front scoop option can be used to lift the heavier fluid from the bottom of the pipe, mixing it with the fluid in the top. The Static Mixing Plate is easily incorporated into your pipeline with minimal space requirements as it easily inserts between two flanges.

Key Benefits
  • Low pressure drop
  • Simple and rugged
  • No moving parts
  • Uniform density
  • Uniform temperature Lightweight
  • Minimal operating cost
  • Fits between two flanges
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CSS Complete Sampling System

Product Description

A superior option to traditional BS&W technologies, the patented offers the high accuracy and repeatability of microwave measurement in a package specifically designed for custody transfer and other low range applications.

Unique to the LRW™, AnyDensity™ technology allows the instrument to compensate for any change in density across the entire API gravity range.* This is paramount in situations where a single truck or rail unloading site could see swings in API gravity from the 20’s to the 60’s.

The patented and proven microwave technology used in the LRW™ provides industry-leading accuracy – as low as ±0.03% on 0-3% models. And, high quality components made and assembled entirely in the USA provide reliable and consistent performance for long-term use. Plus, the unit can easily be calibrated in line.

With insertable and spool/flow through models, the LRW™ also offers installation flexibility that no other unit can match. Spools can be custom fabricated for lines 1-2” and lengths 21” and above. Spools also incorporate static mixing elements to ensure a homogeneous flow and manual draw-off valves key for calibration and verification. Fixed insertion and insertable models can be installed on a 2″ port perpendicular to the flow.

Key Benefits
  • Meets API 8.2, ASTM D4177 and ISO 3171
  • Simplest design in the industry
  • Fully insertable
  • No system shut downs
  • 0.5 – 3 ml sample per bite
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic drive
  • Very low maintenance
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ATD Automated Tank Dewatering System

Product Description

Tank dewatering is vital for maximizing crude oil storage and minimizing tank corrosion, but manual operations can be costly in terms of inaccuracy, manpower and environmental liabilities. The ATD Automated Tank Dewatering system ensures maximum storage efficiency without the danger of hydrocarbons contaminating the draw-off line.

Sold as a complete system or as individual units that users can connect to an existing PLC, the ATD uses two microwave probes to monitor water levels in the tank. Communicating with a PLC, the system controls an MOV (motor operated valve) on the draw off line–opening when water levels rise, and closing when the emulsion layer has descended to the bottom of the tank.

The KAM ATD probe is also unique in its solid body design, preventing the accumulation of paraffin or other contaminants on the probe which prevent the probe from accurately registering rising water levels.

Key Benefits
  • Solid antenna design prevents tank debris from clogging probe
  • Inserts directly into the tank without the need to drain the tank
  • All requisite electronics for probes housed within unit and included in unit price
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OID™ Optical Interface Detector

Product Description

The KAM® OID™ Optical Interface Detector has been the preferred sensor for interface detection between refined products since its inception in 2000. Like eyes in the pipe, it provides accurate, real-time data on product interface even when density does not change between products, allowing operators to make cuts with confidence and significantly reduce product downgrade and/or transmix.

Fiber optics within the patented optical probe respond to the absorption, fluorescence, and refractive properties of the fluid, and the combined return signal is then turned into an “optical signature,” recognizing qualitative changes in pipeline fluids.

The OID is designed for minimal maintenance and ongoing ease of use. Long-lasting LED light sources ensure long-term, stable performance and minimal power consumption. All electronics are located in an explosion-proof enclosure directly on the end of the probe for a complete and compact unit with maximum installation flexibility.

Measurement is completely automatic and the output signal can be sent to the SCADA, PLC’s, or to a Central Control Room.

Key Benefits
  • Detects the interface of specialty fuels such as ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel)
  • Electronics are housed directly on the atmospheric end of the probe
  • No moving parts
  • Insertable model installs without having to drain the pipe
  • Uses LED's for long-term performance with minimal power and maintenance requirements
  • Lenses do not require cleaning
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THA Turbidity Haze Analyzer

Product Description

Ideal for turbidity or haze detection at pipeline terminals, refineries, airports, and more, the KAM THA Turbidity Haze Analyzer alerts operators to the presence of water or particulate contamination in all refined fuels and helps them to determine the source of contamination. The THA is based on the KAM CHA’s proven turbidity detection technology, already in operation throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

Real-time turbidity / haze data can be used for ongoing quality control in all refined fuels including diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline. This data provides pipeline operators with the intelligence required to monitor fuels at both receiving and delivery terminals reject non-comforming batches and assists multiple parties in determining the location and/or responsibility of water contamination. In addition, the THA provides refineries quality control data prior to distribution and allows refiners to monitor and optimize the performance of filters, coalescers and separators.

Like all KAM instruments, the THA is easily installed either by inserting directly into the pipe, or in an analyzer loop. It can be installed without having to ever drain the pipe and output is a basic 4-20 mA. With no moving parts and long-lasting LED’s, the THA is designed for minimal power usage, minimal maintenance and long life.

Key Benefits
  • Proven technology
  • Does not require calibration
  • Inserts into the pipeline without having to drain the pipe
  • No moving parts
  • Long-lasting LED with minimal power consumption
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OOD Optical Oil Detector

Product Description

The ideal solution for oil-in-water detection, the KAM OOD Optical Oil Detector offers unmatched simplicity and pinpoint accuracy in an in-line meter. The OOD allows operators to monitor produced water and wastewater streams for the presence of hydrocarbons in a variety of applications, providing continuous, real-time data with a range of 0-500 ppm. Fiber optics within the optical probe respond to the fluorescence and absorption in the fluid to detect the presence and quantity of hydrocarbons in water. The combined data is translated as voltage on a 4-20 mA output.

The simplicity of design and quality of engineering employed in the KAM® OOD™ mean there are no moving parts. Using long-lasting LED light sources ensures long-term, stable performance with limited maintenance and power requirements. In addition, locating the electronics within an explosion-proof enclosure directly on the atmospheric end of the optical probe creates a complete and compact unit with maximum installation flexibility.

Measurement is completely automatic without the need for operator intervention or supervision, and the output signal can be sent to the SCADA, PLC’s, or to a Central Control Room for logging or display on chart recorders or monitors.

Key Benenits
  • Optic design minimizes effects of temperature / density / salinity
  • LED's for long-term performance with minimal power and maintenance requirements
  • No moving parts for limited maintenance
  • Insertable type for routinely cleaning lens without having to shut down
  • Output can be sent to SCADA, PLC, etc.
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OWD Water Cut Meter

Product Description

With 1% of full scale accuracy regardless of range, the rugged OWD Water Cut Meter is the ideal instrument for monitoring water concentrations in a variety of applications from production to refinery. The OWD offers continuous, real-time, water cut data.

Unlike other water-cut meters, the OWD’s patented multi-antenna design reads both oil continuous and water continuous modes simultaneously and automatically transitions between the two. The result is measurement over a true 0-100% range. Water-cut measurement is fully automatic with no need for operator intervention or supervision.

The OWD also uses internal references to auto calibrate for drift caused by temperature changes of the electronics, the aging of the electronics components, fluid pressure, and fluid temperature.

The simplicity of design and quality of engineering employed in the OWD Water Cut Meter mean there are no moving parts. The output signal can be sent to Flow Computers, SCADA, PLC’s or to a Central Control Room for logging or display on chart recorders or monitors.

Key Benefits
  • Full 0-100% range
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • 1% of full scale accuracy
  • All requisite electronics housed within unit (can also be mounted remotely) and included in unit price
  • No salinity offset required
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KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer

Product Description

Easy to use and fully automatic, KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzers make the determination of oil/water content in crude oils extremely simple, fast and accurate. Whether you are using it in the lab or the field, the KAM KF is specially designed for oil-industry applications with a rugged exterior, extra storage and convenience all in mind.

In most cases, KAM moisture analyzers process samples in less than five minutes, accurately determining the water content in crude oil samples for all custody transfer operations: production, pipeline, marine, or truck. They can also be used to analyze refined products, transformer oils, jet fuels, chemicals, and most other liquids.

Key Benefits
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic reagent expiration notification
  • Graphic LCD digital display
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Windows based software
  • USB port
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Battery life indicator
  • Printer (Optional)
  • Portable unit
  • Storage for all consumables
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LRW™ Low Range Watercut meter

Product Description
Customized to fit each application, the Complete Sampling System includes one of our patented mixing elements to ensure homogeneity, a flow meter, an IAS Isokinetic Automatic Sampler, a Sampler Controller, a Sample Receiver, a Meterizer or Weight Scale, and a Circulating Sample Mixer. The system is fully compliant with API MPMS Chapter 8.2/ASTM D4177 and ISO 3171. Based on a downhole pump design, the IAS Isokinetic Automatic Sampler features the simplest design in the industry and is the ideal instrument for pipeline sampling during custody transfer, marine unloading, lightering, etc. The IAS sampler’s high degree of accuracy and simplicity facilitate extracting a representative sample, regardless of viscosity, pressure, or flow rate. Working with the SC Sampler Controller, the IAS sampler easily extracts a representative sample from your pipeline into an SR Sample Receiver. With a CSM Circulating Sample Mixer, you may then mix and analyze the sample for custody transfer, API gravity measurements, shrinkage, chemical composition, etc.
Key Benefits
  • Patented microwave resonance technology
  • AnyDensity™ density compensation for full API gravity range
  • Highest accuracy available (0.03%)
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Spool and insertable models available for maximum installation flexibility
  • Real-time continuous water percentage
  • Local display
  • Up to ANSI 900
  • Easily field calibrated
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IT Insertion Tool

Product Description

Utilize the IT Insertion Tool in pipeline installations where pressure exceeds 100 psi. It can be used with the OWD Water Cut Meter, OID Optical Interface Detector, and CHA Colorimeter/Haze Analyzer.

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