The PE102 magmeter is designed for low-flow chemical injec­tion or difficult-to-meter applications with pulsating metering pumps in 3/4” to 1/4” pipe/tube. The housing is made of stur­dy splashproof HDPE plastic. With no moving parts, the PE102 can handle fluids contain­ing particulate matter without clogging or jamming, keeping maintenance at a minimum. With no metallic parts (100% PVDF body and PVDF carbon fiber-filled electrodes), the me­ter is corrosion-resistant and compatible with a wide range of chemicals. Accuracy is maintained with conductive fluids (>20 microSiemens) of varying viscosities and densities. The PE meter is compact enough to fit most pump/injection systems. With zero straight pipe required after an elbow, it can be easily mounted in tight spaces. The mounting bracket adds stability.  The PE meter has optocoupled current sinking or current sourcing pulse output that can be connected to the Seamet­rics FT420 rate/total display or FT520 batch processor, as well as a 4-20 mA loop for powering analog devices. Outputs and power are provided through a cable with 8-pin female circular connector.






• No moving parts

• Requires no straight pipe

• Pulse and/or 4-20 mA output

• Chemical and corrosion resistant

• Insensitive to fluid density and fluid viscosity changes


• Chemical injection

• Corrosive materials

• Low flow applications

• Pulsating flows (e.g., metering pump)