The OzoSense range of Ozone Analysers, Ozone Controllers and Ozone Monitors utilise the verylatest and best ozone sensors available in the world today. They are membrane devices which are insensitive to changing pH, use no reagents, are extremely stable, and have reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.


  • Stable and reliable - excellent process control
  • Suitable for all potable, process and salt waters
  • Up to 6 months between maintenance
  • Up to 3 months between calibrations
  • does not respond to residual chlorine
  • Resistant to detergents in the water

The OzoSense sensors and flow cells are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control  options.

Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Probe



: Membraned covered amperometric polarographic two-  electrode system


: Residual Ozone O


: 0-1,0-2,0-5,0-10, mg/l(ppm)


: 0.001mg/l (1 ppb)

Working Electrode

: Cathode made of gold

Counter Electrode

: Silver /silver halide

pH Range

: pH 4 up to pH 9.5