The ORPSense range of ORP Meters from Pi utilise the very latest and best ORP sensors available in the world today for measuring the online Redox potential of any aqueous solution. They are platinum ball based sensors with integral reference electrodes which use no reagents, are extremely stable, and have reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.


  • Up to 3 years continuous operation
  • 2 years warranty
  • Stable and reliable - excellent process control
  • Suitable for all potable and process waters
  • Suitable for very low conductivity waters
  • Integral temperature compensation

The ORPSense sensors and flow cells are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control options.


ORP Electrode





: Platinum Ball

Reference Type

: Patented

ORP Range

: -1999 to 1999mV


: 95-102%

Pressure range

: 0-3Bar


: <0.1 mV

Electrode Resistance

: <2 Mega Ohms

Temperature Range

: 0-40°C

Cable length

: 6m (any length optional)


: PT100