INSTRAN is a platform of on-line analyzing equipment, which allows measuring one or more physical or chemical parameters in liquid samples, preferably aqueous. On this platform you can set different hardware and software options to achieve an analyzing system that measures in the best conditions, taking into account:

  • The nature of the sample
  • The type of measure
  • The measuring range
  • The cleanings and calibrations required.


ASTMD1246- EPA 60 FR

  • ƒ Sample conditioning with alkaline reagent to a pH greater than 11.
  • ƒ Reading of the generated electrode potential
  • ƒ Addition of known volume of Standard.
  • ƒ Ammonia measurement by double known addition (DKA) method


Range:  0 to 10 mg/l. (Upper and lower ranges configurable)

Resolution: 0.001 mg / l

Calibration: Automatic DKA.

Consumption of reagents:  Reagent TISAB III: 1 ml / sample

DKA Standard: 0.2 ml / sample

Analysis Time:  Less than 3 minutes.