• The meter measures conductivity, salinity and TDS, oxygen dissolved in water and sewage in % of saturation or mg/l, temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Used for work in the field and long-lasting measurements in the laboratory.


In the conductivity measurement function:

• The whole measuring range enables measurements both of ultra pure water and very salty solutions.

• Works with conductivity cells equipped with platinum electrodes.

• Calibration by entering the constant K in range 0.01÷19.999 or in buffer solution.

• In the memory possibility of storing of 3 constant K of the cells which cover whole measuring range.

• Automatic calculating the salinity in NaCl or KCl on the basis of real characteristics, what greatly increases theaccuracy.


In the dissolved oxygen measurement function:

• Automatic transfer of the salinity measured in the conductivity mode to the oxygen measurement mode with

calculation of it’s influence on the oxygen content what greatly shortens the work time.

• 1 or 2 point oxygen probe calibration.